Entry Kit

11th Annual 2019 Golden Bridge Business and Innovations Awards


The Golden Bridge Awards trophy is one of the world’s most coveted prizes. Since 2003 the SVUS (Silicon Valley United States) Awards have been conferred for business achievements to individuals and organizations of every size and from all over the world.

The hand crafted black crystal trophy is designed in Silicon Valley, United States and includes the hand-cast antique finish Golden Bridge Awards emblem. With state-of-the-art laser engraving and assembled right here in United States, this is a trophy that’s something you will display and keep forever.


These are industry and peer awards. Judges are executives and professionals representing a broad spectrum of industry voices and from around the world. All judges are volunteers who provide their expert inputs and valuable time in scoring each nomination. Judges’ average scores will determine the Golden Bridge Awards winners. In each category the nomination with the highest cumulative score will win the Gold status followed by Silver and Bronze. You or someone who you know may apply to volunteer as a judge.

Answer this question first – What do you and your organization want to be recognized for?

Make a list of all the things that went well within your company in the past 12-18 months. This will help you determine who or what you want to nominate, and in which categories.

Now select one or more category groups. What are Category Groups?

Category groups contain several categories relevant to that group. For example Executive Category Group will contain categories relevant to nominating executives. The Golden Bridge Awards has the following “Category Groups”:

A. Innovator, Lifetime Achievement, Maverick, and Women Awards Categories Group
B. Executive Awards | Management, Finance, and Human Resources Awards Categories Group
C. Executive Awards | Corporate Communications, Public Relations, and Marketing Awards Categories Group
D. Executive Awards | Sales, Customer Service, and International Awards Categories Group
E. Executive Awards | Information Technology and Cyber Security Awards Categories Group
F. Executive Awards | Education, Schools, and Universities Awards Categories Group
G. Executive Awards | Heath Care and Medical Awards Categories Group
H. Entrepreneur, Founder, or Partner Awards Categories Group
I. Team of the Year Awards Categories Group
J. Company-Organization Awards Categories Group
K. Startup Awards Categories Group
L. Best Product, Service, Solutions, & Innovations | Information Technology & Cyber Security Awards Categories Group
M. Best Product, Service, Solutions, & Innovations | Content Technologies and Information Management Awards Categories Group
N. Best Product, Service, Solutions, & Innovations of the Year | Industry Wise Awards Categories Group
O. Best Product, Service, Solutions, & Innovations of the Year | Education Awards Categories Group
P. Best Product, Service, Solutions, & Innovations of the Year | Health Care Awards Categories Group
Q. Best Product, Service, Solutions, & Innovations of the Year | Energy/CleanTech Industry Awards Categories Group
R. Achievements | Corporate Communications, Public Relations, and Marketing Awards Categories Group
S. Website Awards Categories Group
T. Publications and Print Awards Categories Group
U. Mobile Sites & Apps Awards Categories Group
V. Live Events Awards Categories Group
W. Video, Commercial, Advertising, and Film Awards Categories Group
X. Milestone of the Year Awards Categories Group

Each category group has several categories. After you have decided in which Category Groups you would like to participate, now select one or more categories in that Category Group.

Fees and Deadlines

Each category may require an entry fee or may be free. There are 4 different deadlines and the fees increase after each deadline. So we recommend submitting as early as possible so that you can avail the discounts on fees.

Who will be your organization’s Primary Contact?

The person who will be submitting entries for your organization will be the “Primary Contact” whom we will keep posted on the progress of your entry submission. You may choose to assign more contacts who would also like to be kept posted.

We do not sell, rent or share any contact details with anyone. So your contact details are safe with us. But we need enough details to contact you so that we can not only keep you posted but also be able to reach you if we require any more information regarding your submissions.

How to prepare your content for each category

– You would be required to submit contact details of Primary Contact.
– You would also be required to submit details about the organization that’s being nominated.
– Most categories require you to prepare an essay of 650 words and a summary of 3 bullet points on why the nomination should be considered by the judges.

Advice on preparing content that gets noticed by the Judges

– Keep it simple
– Focus more on keeping the content positive and highlight the most recent and important achievements first
– Do not use this opportunity to belittle or criticize the competition. Focus on your organization only.
– It’s ok to mention any uniqueness or being the “first” in something. It’s ok to highlight any challenges faced and action taken to overcome them.

Ready to submit your entries?

Go to the “Start an Entry” page and begin. All the best!