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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Who is eligible to apply to become a preliminary-round judge?
Answer: Executives, PR and Corporate Marketing professionals, Industry Analysts and Experts, consumers, end-users, Editors and more.

Question 2: How long would it take for me to judge the applications?
Answer: Depending upon how many applications have been allocated to you, it could take anywhere from 10 minutes of online judging to an hour. However you may stop at anytime and resume later or stop all together. All your scoring will be stored. Your inputs will be kept confidential.

Question 3: If our company will also be nominating for these awards, can someone from our company still apply to be a judge?
Yes. However the judges will not be able to judge their own company's nominations.

Question 4: How will the finalists be judged?
Most categories will be judged via the Internet using special online collaboration access giving you the ability to review and rate at your convenience anytime of the day.

Question 5: We are a vendor, can we request our clients to apply to be a judge?
Yes, please request them to visit this page and ask them to apply online directly to become preliminary-round judges.

Question 6: I work with a PR agency, can I apply to be a preliminary-round judge?
Yes, however you will be able to review and rate most nominations other than the nominations received from your agency or directly from your clients.

Question 7: Do I have to be working in USA to apply to be a judge for these awards? Or can people from outside USA apply too?
These are international awards and nominations are received from all over the world. You could be living any where in the world and still apply to be a preliminary-round judge for these awards. If you qualify, you'll be assigned categories based on your experience and industry. As a preliminary judge you will have the opportunity to learn how other individuals and their companies are achieving greater success.