Barun Mitra Mazumdar

Barun Mitra Mazumdar participating as an industry expert

Product Manager | Facebook Inc. | Menlo Park, California, USA

An experienced Product Manager, I am a technologist at heart. Over my career, I have had the privilege of working at startups to large technology firms bringing me a diverse perspective that comes from building products at vastly different scales and with unique problems to solve.

I currently lead a large product team at Facebook that includes cross functional teams from engineering, data science, research and design. We build products to help businesses connect with the multi-billions strong online user base and unlock massive opportunity.

Building at a startup (later acquired by VMWare) with an amazing technology but no product yet was a thrilling ride, which not only included developing the product but also developing an entire partner ecosystem.

At Akamai, I was one of the folks at the forefront of the internet streaming revolution. From the birth of online live sports to the binge watching of on-demand videos, we managed the largest online events on the internet every year.

Armed with Graduate degrees in Engineering (University of Southern California) and Business (UC Berkeley Haas School of Business), it’s problem solving at the intersection of technology and business that drives me to build great products with empathy and customer obsession.