Jessica Reyneke

Jessica Reyneke participating as an industry expert

Head of Product | Black Swan Data | Lake Forest, California, USA

Global product leader with a proven track record to achieve strategic innovation goals in a fast-paced environment. Strong passion for customer advocacy, value creation, and growth. 10+ years’ management experience building products and technology teams in startup and high-growth B2C & B2B companies, focused on ad-tech, marketplaces, SaaS, big data analytics, eCommerce, & payment products.

  1. Led the development and launch of smart AI-led retail for aviation at Black Swan Data, increasing revenue by $Millions per annum for all parties (airlines, partners, and the business).
  2. Led the development of an AI-led aviation and travel consumer intelligence platform at Black Swan Data. The platform enabled SaaS startup and penetration into new travel industry verticals.
  3. Led the development and launch of the world’s first multi-vendor real-time trading and buying platform for out of home media, at Posterscope (the world’s leading OOH location media planning and buying specialist agency), enabling unique differentiation and uptake of $120M+ per annum in revenue as a result of this new capability.
  4. Led the analysis for the development and launch of the world’s most advanced meta-DSP at the Exchange Lab (a digital marketplace), enabling its acquisition at $60M+ by Group M.