Milind A Vaidya

Milind A Vaidya participating as an industry expert

Senior Software Engineer II | Uber Inc. | Sunnyvale, California, USA

I am working as Senior Software Engineer with more than 12 years of backend experience. My focus has been distributed systems and serving high number of users and scaling the software system to have better user experience and system performance. I have worked in languages such as Java, Python, Golang. I am also familiar with bash scripting. I like linux operating system and familiar with MySql, MongoDB and Cassandra DBs. I have worked with big companies such as Yahoo! Inc, Uber Inc as well as startup such as JIO Saavn one of the leading online music steaming app company from India which was founded in USA. I also have international experience of working in India, Japan and USA. I have done my master’s thesis in the fiend of graph theory. I am originally from India where I did my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from University of Pune, one of the renowned universities in India located in Pune city of Maharashtra state. I did my MS in Computer Science from University of Alabama in Huntsville. I speak English, Marathi, Hindi and a bit of Japanese.