Siddharth Shah

Siddharth Shah participating as an industry expert

In Charge of Software | Canoo Inc. | Torrance, California, United States

I am currently working as In Charge of Software at Canoo Inc, responsible for all in vehicle software on the Canoo vehicle. I am responsible for project planning, submodule planning, scheduling, scrum planning while introducing correct software development methodologies like sprints, SCRUM, KANBAN, continuous integration using Jenkins, automated Hardware In Loop (HIL) testing.

Prior to this I worked as a Senior Engineering Manager for Software Infrastructure and Body Controls at Faraday & Future Inc, Gardena CA. At FF, I lead a team of 21 software/firmware engineers that have helped architect the software infrastructure for all 25 internal ECUs. The software team is responsible for the 8 out of the 25 in-house ECUs. The Body Gateway, Front Body Control Module, Door Controllers, Thermal Control Module and the Self Driving Control Module are all provided software infrastructure by my group.

I relate the versatility of my different engineering experiences to be an asset and I would like to apply to be a judge at the golden bridge awards