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Pamela Clark, the founder and executive director of NHEG, has helped families with their educational needs for 15 years. With a passion for bettering education, she works tirelessly to improve the lives of families that come to her for assistance. She welcomes each family personally and helps with whatever they need to further their goals. She also provides guidance to teachers and tutors, as well as provides training and resources to teachers and tutors for different learning styles. Her team of over 75 volunteers researches the latest advancements and uses past experience of what has worked to help new families.

What would be one most important thing you would want everyone to know about your company-organization?

Pamela Clark: NHEG provides educational assistance for those who need it. We will help you achieve your educational goals. You’re not alone.

When was your organization founded, and where? What is the story behind how your organization began?

Pamela Clark: Due to challenges faced with obtaining educational services for her own children, Pamela Clark worked with other parents who faced the same problems and were active in their own children’s education to create a place for families to come for educational assistance. Margaret Spangler and Pat Carr shared her believe in a one-stop shop in education, and in 2006, NHEG was founded. Since then Mrs. Clark and her team of volunteers and students have built up an educational organization that surpasses rivals and the many roadblocks faced by students from all ages, undrawing the lines set forth by others.

What is your favorite story to tell about this organization and how it has come to succeed?

Pamela Clark: Some students who were on the verge of dropping out of high school have now graduated thanks to NHEG’s tutoring help. A student suffering from seizures was able to jump grade levels in science and math thanks to NHEG’s tutors. We have also helped students find college resources and prepared transcripts for those in alternative schools.

What leadership habits and cultural values have led to your company-organization’s success and recognitions?

Pamela Clark, NHEG Founder, leads with passion, understanding, kindness and with her love for people. NHEG has been the first job for many students and young professionals. She allows others to shine and share talents. Mrs. Clark team of volunteers work from all over the world and has many cultural backgrounds, all of which are nurtured and grow together to create a positive and mentoring atmosphere.

Are there any interesting activities that your staff does as a group that are reflective of your company-organization’s culture?

Pamela Clark: NHEG offers field trip opportunities, an internet radio show, a bimonthly magazine and comic book, along with published books by volunteer authors. NHEG offers 65 job positions, and all positions are volunteer based.

What roles does diversity play in your organization?

Pamela Clark: NHEG is composed of volunteers from all over the world and from different backgrounds. We have volunteers who work from abroad from country such as Italy, France, Greece, Brazil, Africa, Canada, India, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and the U.S.. All people and nationalities are welcome, and everyone is treated with respect.

What role does technology play in your company-organization’s growth?

Pamela Clark: Changes in the education world are very slow, both to promote and to carry out. NHEG is ahead of the learning curve and has greater results than its counterparts.

What changes in the industry does your team find interesting and why?

Pamela Clark: Changes in the education world, is very slow. NHEG is ahead of the learning curve, and has great results than it’s counterparts.

How many worldwide locations does your company-organization you have and where are they?

Pamela Clark: We are only based in Defiance, Ohio, but our services reach around the virtual world as we have many volunteers who work from different countries.

How is your company-organization better prepared to compete?

Pamela Clark: Working with a team of volunteers of multiple talents helps NHEG not only to grow but also to surpass all goals set forth.

“It’s an honor to be named a winner. The recognition and support mean the world to all of us at NHEG. Thank you, Golden Bridge Awards® for this esteemed recognition. Our volunteers share my vision of creating support for all families looking for educational support; without their work there would be no NHEG. I’ve always felt that NHEG is the people’s organization and not just mine,” said Pamela Clark. “These awards are a testament to The New Heights Educational Group’s work and mission.”

Pamela Clark, Executive Director and Founder | New Heights Educational Group | Defiance, Ohio, USA

What is your organization’s greatest customer challenge in the global market?

Pamela Clark: Acquiring the funds needed to help families in need and to expand our support to those families.

What makes your company-organization’s products-services-solutions special?

Pamela Clark: We are a staff of all volunteers, which proves that the educational crisis we face is not based on money or funding. Instead, we all want to open minds and teach to the individuals their gifts and strengths.

Share an inspirational customer success story about your company-organization that might appeal to our readers.

“I have known about New Heights for about a year and a half now. And have been volunteering for about as long. In addition to being a volunteer I have used NHEG for one of my children. The compassion that I have been shown has been the most heartwarming experience of my life. I fully support all that New Heights educational group does and I hope to donate to this non profit organization in the near future so they may continue to help out families in our community. Thank you new Heights for treating us like family.”

What changes or growth do you predict for your organization in the coming years?

Pamela Clark: Acquiring funds for our organization to acquire its own building and further continue and expand to provide educational services.

How did your organization first become acquainted with the Golden Bridge Awards?

Pamela Clark: A volunteer found your profile through research.

What has winning a Golden Bridge Awards been like for you, your organization, and/or employees?

Pamela Clark: It’s been incredibly rewarding because our group of volunteers work so hard. It’s wonderful to be recognized for one’s work.

How has the win affected your business? Has your organization realized results with the Golden Bridge Awards?

Pamela Clark: We won last year for the first time. It’s incredibly rewarding and inspires further action to move forward.

What other achievements have paved the way to success as a Golden Bridge Awards winner?

Pamela Clark: NHEG is always setting new goals, and not only reaching them but also surpassing them. Our many recognitions also show others that the programs work and are worthy of recognition. It also shows families that they can achieve their dreams if they work for it.

New Heights Educational Group

NHEG promotes literacy for children and adults by offering a range of educational support services.Such services include: assisting families in the selection of schools; organization of educational activities;and acquisition of materials.We promote a healthy learning environment and enrichment programs for families of preschool and school-age children,including children with special needs.

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