3. Best Product or Service, and Energy Industry Innovation Awards categories

Why enter? This section honors IT product or service in the categories listed below.

Information to be submitted online for entries in this category:

  1. Product/ Service/ Solution Model Name
  2. Version # that is being nominated
  3. Company (that provides the nominated product, service, or solution)
  4. City, State/Province, and Country where this Company is based
  5. An essay of up to 650 words – describe the nominated product, service, or solution. Optional but recommended – also include in the essay (a) Year in which this product, service, or solution was first introduced to the market, (b) Year in which this product, service, or solution was last upgraded or revised, and (c) Approximate number of users of this product/ service worldwide.
  6. Summarize in a not more than 3 bulleted points why this nomination deserves recognition
  7. Optional (but recommended) – supporting website URLs and/or supporting file attachments may be upload to support your entry (please do not password protect anything otherwise the judges will not be able to view)

Nominate the Product, Service, or Solution in one or more of the following categories

  • Aaa
  • Access Compliance and Risk Management Innovations
  • Access InnovationsAnti-Spam Service InnovationsAPI (Application Programming Interface) Management and SolutionsApplication Delivery InnovationsApplication Development InnovationsApplication Performance Management InnovationsArchive Product or Service InnovationsAsset Management InnovationsAuditing InnovationsAuthentication (Multi Factor) InnovationsAuthentication (Two-Factor) InnovationsBack-up and Recovery InnovationsBusiness Intelligence InnovationsBusiness Process Management InnovationsBusiness Transaction Management InnovationsCloud Authentication InnovationsCloud Computing/SaaS InnovationsCloud Security InnovationsCollaboration and Web 2.0 tools InnovationsConvergence InnovationsData Center InnovationsData Protection InnovationsDatabase Security InnovationsDeception Based SecurityEmail Security InnovationsEmbedded SecurityEncryption Key Management InnovationsEncryption Solution InnovationsEnd-User Monitoring InnovationsEndpoint Security Solution InnovationsEnterprise (Global Business and Offices) InnovationsEnterprise (Large) InnovationsEnterprise (Medium) InnovationsEnterprise (Small and SOHO) InnovationsEnterprise Data Protection InnovationsEnterprise Management InnovationsFERC/NERC CIP Compliance InnovationsForensics InnovationsGateways InnovationsGovernance, Risk and Compliance InnovationsGovernment Compliance InnovationsGreen IT InnovationsIdentity Management InnovationsInformation Leak Prevention InnovationsInformation Security and Risk Management InnovationsInformation Technology (Hardware) InnovationsInformation Technology (Services) InnovationsInformation Technology (Software) InnovationsIntegrated Security (Hardware) InnovationsIntegrated Security (Services) InnovationsIntegrated Security (Software) InnovationInternet of Things (IoT)Managed File Transfer InnovationsManaged Security Service InnovationsManagement and Security InnovationsMobile Innovative Products or Services InnovationsMobile Security Solution InnovationsMobile/Wireless Solutions InnovationsMonitoring and Testing InnovationsNetFlow InnovationsNetwork Firewalls InnovationsNetwork Flow Processor InnovationsNetwork Management and Intelligence InnovationsNetwork Security Management InnovationsNetwork Security Solution InnovationsNetwork Video Storage InnovationsNetwork Visibility InnovationsOptimization Solution InnovationsPCI DSS Compliance InnovationsPerformance Optimization InnovationsPower Back-up InnovationsPower Management InnovationsPrivileged Access Management InnovationsRemote Access Solution InnovationsRisk Management Solution InnovationsSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) InnovationsSecurity Audit InnovationsSecurity Hardware (New or Upgrade version) InnovationsSecurity Service (New or Upgrade version) InnovationsSecurity Software (New or Upgrade version) InnovationsSecurity Solution for Consumers InnovationsSecurity Solution for Enterprise (Large) InnovationsSecurity Solution for Enterprise (Medium) InnovationsSecurity Solution for Enterprise (Small and SOHO) InnovationsSecurity Solution for Government InnovationsSecurity Solution for Service Providers InnovationsSocial Media, Networking or Collaboration InnovationsSSL Accelerators InnovationsStorage Hardware InnovationsStorage Service InnovationsStorage Software InnovationsTablets/Portable Computers InnovationsTest, Measurement and Monitoring InnovationsTraining and EducationUnified Communications (Hardware) InnovationsUnified Communications (Service) InnovationsUnified Communications (Software) InnovationsURL, Web, and Internet Filtering InnovationsUser Behavior Analytics (UBA)Video InnovationsVirtual Network Security InnovationsVirtual Office Technology InnovationsVirtualization InnovationsVoice and VoIP InnovationsVPN/IPSec/SSL InnovationsVulnerability Assessment and Remediation InnovationsWeb Application Firewall InnovationsWeb Application Security InnovationsWireless Broadband Mobility Solution InnovationsWireless Security Solution Innovations