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John Kao: Transforming health care and setting a new standard by which seniors are taken care of

Alignment Healthcare is redefining the business of health care by shifting the focus from payments to people. We’ve created a new model for health care delivery that cuts costs and improves lives by unraveling the inefficiencies of the current system to drive patients, providers and payers toward a common goal of wellness.

Rake Narang: Tell us something about your professional journey and what keeps you motivated at your current organization?

John Kao: In 1999, I took a mission trip to China that was life-changing. From that point on, my life’s passion has been to serve people, and that servant leadership philosophy has shepherded my professional journey. Alignment Healthcare is a culmination of the lessons I’ve learned along that journey – from coordinated health care delivery at CareMore to technology enablement at The Trizetto Group to partnering with hospitals and physicians at PacifiCare to vertical integration at FHP, we’ve taken those lessons and assembled a team of people who are passionate about transforming health care and setting a new standard by which seniors are taken care of. You have to have really good service, yes, but the heart of it all is servant leadership. If you put the patient first, good things will come. If you care for a patient or member as if they were your mom or dad – that’s all that matters. It’s about doing the right thing. At the core of it, it’s about changing health one person at a time.

About John Kao

Rake Narang: What new or upgraded product or service has your company recently introduced to the market?

John Kao: Using best practices from Medicare Advantage, which rewards the highest quality care at the lowest cost, we have developed a transformative clinical care model that seamlessly plugs into existing care systems. We have developed a technology platform that tracks and stores patient data, allowing our clinical team to see a patient’s full health story and provide personalized care through real-time coordination and intervention. In December, we launched a new business unit, Alignment Health Services, that will for the first time fully open access to this technology platform to third parties, allowing partner companies to access Alignment’s clinical care model and population health technology while taking on financial risk themselves. People enrolled in Alignment programs are demonstrably healthier, so we are excited to introduce our care model to a larger population through Alignment Health Services.

Rake Narang: How do your customers benefit from your company's products and services?

John Kao: Our patient-centric focus is a fundamental differentiator of Alignment Healthcare's approach to providing better health care for patients and results for our stakeholders. We keep people healthy by connecting them to the right care at the right time, and we take the guess work out of making health care decisions because we do the planning for the patient. Our business model and proprietary technology connects the hospital or physician, pharmacy and plan benefits to make care decisions easier and more accurate, and costs more transparent. These connections allow stakeholders to better understand each individual patient’s needs and health status, allowing for timely preventive interventions and better in-patient and out-patient care once the patient leaves the doctor’s office or hospital. And we know it works. In 2015, Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Alignment care programs experienced up to 50 percent fewer hospital admissions and 38 percent fewer emergency room visits than before enrollment, and 30-day re-admission rates were well below national average. We provide our members and their families peace of mind about their health now and in the future.

Company: Alignment Healthcare
Orange, California, USA

Founded in: 2013
CEO: John Kao
Public or Private: Private
Head Office in Country: United States
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