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Why job seekers must be careful with how they present themselves on social networking sites

Founded in 2007, RiseSmart is the leading provider of next-generation outplacement solutions. The company leverages a cloud-based technology platform, proven methodologies, and one-on-one support to help employers with their workforce strategies and displaced employees with their career strategies. RiseSmart drives significant ROI to organizations by offering affordable pricing while reducing unemployment insurance taxes and severance costs. RiseSmart has received a wide range of awards and recognition from organizations including Bersin by Deloitte, Best in Biz Awards, Gartner Inc., Golden Bridge Awards, LAROCQUE, Momentum Index, Red Herring, San Francisco Business Times, SiliconIndia, Silicon Valley/ San Jose Business Journal, Stevie Awards and TiE.

San Madan: How has RiseSmart helped revolutionize the employment industry by innovating outplacement services with a combination of technology and traditional services? 

Sanjay Sathe: Traditional outplacement emerged in the 1960s to assist companies with their layoffs. Services included providing office space, grief counseling, and on-site group seminars. That business is inherently low-tech, purely service-oriented, and is ineffective in helping displaced employees to their next jobs, yet such services remain the foundation of majority of outplacement programs.

I knew this approach was out of sync with the times. Most laid-off employees today don’t want to be stroked and coddled; they just want a new job. But major corporations planning layoffs didn’t share this view. I had a difficult task ahead – explaining why an unknown, brand new “next-generation” outplacement provider made more sense than traditional outplacement’s heavy-hitters.

We developed an ROI model that showed employers how they could dramatically reduce their unemployment insurance tax burdens, severance payments, COBRA expenditures and other costs by accelerating the time-to-placement for their transitioning workers. It also demonstrated the value of RiseSmart outplacement services in protecting employer brands.

That model has helped participants in RiseSmart’s program land jobs 61% faster than the national average as tracked by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. With a unique blend of technology and human touch, RiseSmart is helping to put America back to work. Plenty of companies talk about what they’ve done for people. RiseSmart has actually helped thousands of people find new jobs. That’s thousands of families who are no longer burdened by unemployment.

About Sanjay Sathe

San Madan: Why should someone seeking employment be aware of their presence on social media? How can social media improve or damage their chances of getting a job?

Sanjay Sathe: Using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in your job search can be an easy way to network with your connections and fashion an image online, but job seekers must be careful with how they present themselves on these social networking sites.

You must choose your connections wisely. As more companies become social media savvy, using such sites to connect with them can be a valuable asset. It’s an easy way to research the organization and keep track of new positions available. Be wary of over-connecting, however. Connecting with too many irrelevant companies and people can overload your newsfeed and cause you to miss important information.

If you are following a certain company, it’s likely that they are following you as well. While it’s obvious that you should keep your profiles free of offensive or polarizing language, many forget that you can use the sites to position yourself as an industry thought leader. Read an interesting article about your industry? Tweet about it! Use Tweet chats or LinkedIn industry groups to connect with other professionals and carry on conversations. Not only will this keep you up to date with your industry but it will also give you a larger presence.

If you post offensive or nonsensical content on your personal social media profiles, it’s available to anyone – no matter the privacy settings you think you’ve set. Don’t ever post anything you wouldn’t want a future employer to see, because chances are they’ll see it.

San Madan: What is unique about the RiseSmart company culture that makes it such a desirable place to work? 

Sanjay Sathe: Every RiseSmart employee works very hard to contribute to our positive office environment. We want our company culture to be driven by RiseSmart’s values; and as a reminder of that goal, we created the RiseSmart High Five employee recognition program.

It seems to have paid off. On key parameters of “willing to go the extra mile for the company,” “want to continue in the company for two or more years,” and “I would recommend my company to a friend,” RiseSmart scored an exceptional 6.4 on a 7-point scale.

Each and every one of us at RiseSmart has a passion for this business and bringing innovation to the HR industry. We all come to work with the same eagerness to help displaced employees find their next jobs fast.

For some, such passion can translate to a disregard for anything but the main goal – running a successful business, no matter what it takes. But for RiseSmart, this has not been an issue. Our senior management provides the necessary structure and guidance to employees while maintaining a nurturing, almost parental approach to running an organization. It helps grow careers and change lives. Many employees have told me they think of the RiseSmart team as a family. It seems to be working because RiseSmart has been recognized for three consecutive years as one of the Best Places to Work in the Bay Area by the Silicon Valley Business Journal and the San Francisco Times.

Company: RiseSmart
2055 Gateway Place, Suite 150, San Jose, CA 95110 U.S.A.

Founded in: 2007
CEO: Sanjay Sathe
Public or Private: Private
Head Office in Country: San Jose, California - United States
Products and Services: Next-generation outplacement solution, Transition Concierge
Company’s Goals: CEO Sanjay Sathe plans to continue taking significant market share as an outplacement provider. Having disrupted the outplacement industry with a next-generation solution, Sathe believes there is a significant opportunity to become a leader in this in this multibillion-dollar industry. The world is going virtual and leveraging the right combination of technology and human touch can help RiseSmart garner more market share with many more Fortune 500 companies already embracing the solution.
Key Words: Next-Generation Outplacement, Outplacement Services, Outplacement Solutions, Human Capital Management Software, HR Solution, Corporate Outplacement Solution

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