Winners Circle

2020 Winners’ Circle

To-Do Tips Now That Your Company-Organization Is A Winner

Congratulations! If your organization won Grand, Gold, Silver, and/or Bronze then the following tips will prove useful for you.

1 – SVUS Awards Virtual Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, December 10

2020 Golden Bridge Awards winners will be celebrated during the SVUS virtual awards ceremony on December 10. Here are more details:

Purchase ticket here (only 1 ticket to be purchased): Virtual Awards Ceremony Ticket

Read FAQ About The Virtual Awards Ceremony

Content Upload Guidelines

2 – Verify that all your information listed is accurate

The most important thing to do first is to verify that all your information listed is accurate. See the complete list of winners here.

If you believe that any typo or other errors need to be corrected, then simply use The Story form and select check box “Award Winners | Edits – Corrections” to submit corrected content asap.

3 – Subscribe to the SVUS Newsletter so that we can keep you posted

We would like to tell the world about your CEO World Awards winning organization. You and everyone else at your organization who wants to stay posted can subscribe now to the SVUS Awards newsletter. Your contact details are safe and we do not share these with anyone.

4 – Winner’s Press Template

You may use the Winner’s Press Template to publicize your achievement to the world. The template is suitable for publicly making your Grand, Gold, Silver, and/or Bronze status announcement. This press release template is provided as a basic guideline only. You may modify the content so that your recognition is highlighted most effectively.

Winners Announced in 12th Annual 2020 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards

5 – Download the Winner’s Logo

You may download and use the winner’s logos online, in social media, in email signatures, and in print and at conferences and events. We have provided each logo in png and pdf/eps formats suitable for high quality prints.

6 – Submit your company’s executive quote for the winner’s webpage

To submit your company’s executive quote, visit The Story page and check box “Award Winners | Executive Quote.”

7 – Order Complimentary Medallions for 2020 Winners

2020 winners can order complimentary medallions for the categories in which they have won. Only 1 medallion per category will be issued. So if your company won in 5 categories then your organization will get total of 5 complimentary medallions.

Complimentary Medallion Orders

Each medallion is for $60, however as winners you only pay shipping and handling as follows:

Shipping address in the USA

  • US $20 per Silver or Bronze Medallion

Shipping address in Canada

  • US $35 per Silver or Bronze Medallion

Shipping address in all other Countries

  • US $95 per Silver or Bronze Medallion

8 – Order customized Winner’s Trophies, Plaques, and Medallions

Order 2020 (or any previous years too) custom engraved Trophies, Plaques, and Medallions.

9 – How to be profiled in SVUS Awards Media

As a current or past winner keep the momentum moving forward by participating in a quick written industry interview that can be promoted online and through Social Media

We would like to tell the world about your IT World Awards winning organization through our websites, blogs, email newsletters, and social media channels.

There is no cost to be featured. All articles are published at the discretion of our editors.

To submit your content, simply visit the following pages:

Profile of Achievers

Tell Us About Your Organization

New Product, Service, Solution, or Technology introduction

Startup Interview

Trending Topics

10 – Recommend new categories for awards program

To recommend new categories, visit The Story page and check box “Awards | Recommend New Category.”